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Families Of Murdered Children Support Group

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Families Of Murdered Children Support Group

Wanda Pierce -   President and Founder
2712 N. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI  48505
Office Number:810-422-5596
Fax Number:  810-235-5852
Cell Number:  810-691-7356
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1015 East Carpenter Road                                         
Flint, Michigan 48505                                                    
Open to the Public Monday thru Friday.                       
9:00 to 1:00 and 4:00 to 9:00                                        
Fax-(810) 789-0618                                                                                      
City Of Flint
Office Of The Ombudsman
Brenda L. Purifoy
Building Strong Women
Charlotte Lancaster
2712 N. Saginaw St. Suite 107                                  
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810-235-5852 fax                                                           
810 610-3467 cell                                                 
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Leora M. Campbell
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Flint,Michigan 48504
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Flint Downtown District
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John C. McGarry
Site Director
1430 W. University Ave.
Flint Mi. 48504


For information on the whereabouts of a perpetrator.

       Families of Murdered Children Support Group
        *Our Office and Meetings Location* 
Mini Station / Community Center
4535 M.L. King
 Flint, MI 48505
* *
Non-profit 501c3