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Families Of Murdered Children Support Group

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I want you to pray for funding for Families Of Murdered Children Support Group... As some of you may know FOMCSG is not funded and we want to grown in ways that we can help and give to the community on a larger scale then we are now. Please Pray for us that we get funding. I am working very hard on it and pray we will be resceiving it soon, and pray for our resources that thay find favor with us. When they do God will bless not only FOMCSG but other's too.
I want to tell you about a book. This book is writen by someone I love, my niece. She is my oldest sister Eloise Emory's daughter, Emory Rhea Raxter as she is called for her books. Amyway I would like for everyone I know to buy this book, and yes it is a good book, but most of all I love her and her mother and am so proud of her.The book's name is "By The Light Of The Foxfire"  by Emory Rhea Raxter. I will keep you posted on other book's she has coming out.
Flint Police Department Safety Tips
Be aware of suspicious vehicles.
Look out for elderly neighbors.
Deal reputable Businesses.
Get referrals.
If suspicious call 911 immediately.
Be suspicious of unscheduled utility visits.
Make sure individuals have proper I.D.
Call utility company to see if they have workers in the area.
Deal only with reputable companies.
Anyone who feels they were targeted for one of these scams please contact  Detective Mitchell Brown at(810) 237-6910

 I am so happy that David Dicks is going to be ok. David is a member of Families Of Murdered Children Support Group. He has always been willing to do what ever he could for FOMCSG and I am so pleased he is coming out of this. I don't know if David made a misstake or not , and I am not will to pass  judgement on him, but I am willing to forget it and get on. David was a board member of FOMCSG and he steped down because he did not want to bring any of his problems on FOMCSG. I thank him for that , but it is time for David to get back to the business of serving your community, and the best place to start is where people love him,and Families Of Murdered Children Support Group loves and welcomes's David Dicks back in what ever position he would like to fill. 

       Families of Murdered Children Support Group
        *Our Office and Meetings Location* 
Mini Station / Community Center
4535 M.L. King
 Flint, MI 48505
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Non-profit 501c3