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Families Of Murdered Children Support Group

Stories Of The Life And Death Of The Victim's

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Stories Of The Life And Death Of The Victim's
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I would like to tell you some of the victims stories. Maybe this will help you understand why Families of Murdered Children Support Group is so important. No parent should have to bury their child.

Victim's and their story.

December, is a hard month for most families who have lost a love one. Familys are cooking, shoping, calibrating the birth of Christ, doing fun things. But not us, we try but it is always with us.Pray for the familys and help them start this new year with your support and love.


Dorothy Nelson and Daughter Cierra

Cierra,s Case
Days turn into years, then again it seems like yesterday said  Dorothy and her mother Para Nelson. They are the mother and grandmother of Cierra.
Cierra Nelson's body was found on April 8,2001, in a Mt Morris Township drainage ditch.
It was about five months after she disappeared near her Flint home in November 2000.
She was a smart ,feisty, normal little kid. She loved animals, once she wrapped up a squirrel in a blanket and brought it home. She just wanted to help it.  I miss her  alot. The sad part is that I never got to see her one more last time. We had to have a closed casket with a picture on top, that was so hard.
It feels good going to the group because I can cry and talk about Cierra with everyone. See they understand, and it helps to have people who understand what you are going threw.
Hi, my name is Karen Bradley I lost my son Robert Bradley July 31 2004. He was murdered  and ever since then I have been attending meetings of Families of Murdered Children Support Group. These meeting help me know that I am not alone in this battle.  Other Families share these same issues that  my family and I face. I like that we get together and express our problems and I believe with out these meetings I couldn't survive. Thank you Wanda for starting this great group.
 Your truly,
Karen Bradley
Karen Bradley, is not only one of our members ,but is willing to help the other families in any way she can. She is alway willing to attend any crime prevention meetings or any city hall meetings. Her son was murdered by someone who has not been charge with the crime yet. Karen, is a wounderful tribute to her son's life and Families of Murdered Children Support Group. We are praying for justice for Karen and her family.


Lawrence Edward Willis

We called him Ed, Thats what everyone called him. Ed was a loving, caring person who lived everyday like it was his last. He always told you he loved you. He would go out of his way to help others and gave good advice, telling them of his love for God and the Bible.
He had one son named Hatrail that was his heart and love of his life, who
he spent alot of time with. He loved his car and the finest things in life, like clothes and hats even as a child. He just bought a new corvette that he worked hard for.
On Sept. 11, 2003 at 3:00am His girlfriend Tanasha Jones ran my son over with her van, dragging him over 12 feet with his body wedge between the
tires and the vehicles underbody. The van then struck his corvette. This happened at her house on 316 W. Dewey St. He was 34 years old and worked for Ali Flint L.L.C. as a materials handler, he was a very hard worker.
I am his Mother and their is not a day that goes by that I dont miss my son.
Ed's loving Mother,
Annice Willis

Declaration of Principles:
We,the Families of Murdered Children Support Group, in the County of Genesee in the State of Michigan, Defenders of human rights and laws of the United States of America, have organized without financial interests or intent of any kind, to work in a coordinated effort for the civic, social,mental health,educational and mutually beneficial acts and spiritual well being for the survivors of a murdered love one.
You will experience the compassion and caring with a group as well as to be able to adhere the rights of those love ones we have lost to violence.


Wanda Pierce(Founder of support Group) With Son Marcus

On May 5, 1992, Marcus Anthony Pierce stopped by his mother's office supply company to tell her he was going to visit a former acquaintance.
 Marcus (Marc) then a college student home on spring break from Ferris State University,had run into the young man the day before while shopping. At the time, Marc didn't know the young man was a fugitive from a minimum security prison. After their encounter, the acquaintance called Marc to come over and help him get something out of the basement.
His almost naked body was found later in his car parked in Palmer Park in Detroit. He had been stabbed nearly 30 times in the neck and chest, shot twice in his hand and three times in the head. He was just 20 years old.
 This child was never in trouble, he modeled to help put himself through school.He had his whole life ahead of him.
A 20 year old man was charged with first-degree muder in the case. His apparent motive ? He thougt Marcus had told the police of his where abouts. But police said their was no indication that any one has turn him in. 
 To add insult to injury, the defendant was acquitted,despite the fact that two people testified for the prosecution,  that marc was at the accuser house that day.
Judge Jackson "said to the jury", I can not believe with all this evidence you found him not guilty,as he slammed his gavel down and walked out of the court room.  


Samuel and Judean Sanders show picture of Son Sammie

Sammie's Murder
  Nearly 20 years ago Sammie Jerome Sanders, a north ern High School freshman was found in his stocking feet, lying in a pool of blood in 1986.Someone had stolen his new pair of $80 high-top tennis shoes. He had been stabbed several times and apparently was beaten.He was just 15 years old. A neighbor called to say she had bad news. Sammie was lying face down in the street in front of her house. 
Sammie died of  a stab wound to his back that punctured his lung,aorta and heart, according to an autopsy report. And also suffered other stab wounds.
Prayer works, In January 1988 Keith a. Littles a 19 year old man serving time for burglary, confessed to killing Sammie for his tennis shoes. Littles said his conscience was bothering him, that he had become a Christian while in prison and wanted to do the right thing.

On Sept.24,2002 Marlon Edward Young was found in the 4200 Block of Devon Lane in the City of Flint.Senselessly murdered lying on the ground with a gun shot to his forehead.  No one has come forward with any information on the murder.  Marlon's, mother Norma Wickware worked hard trying to find information on the case,but got little help from the Sargent in charge of the investigation. Norma, came to Families of Murdered Children Support Group for help in this mater. We wrote letters to the  Assistant Prosecuting Attorney ,Flint Police Department,and the Crime Victim Services Commission in Lansing.
Soon after that Norma Wickware  lost her battle with cancer .She passed away Two years after her son. . Families of Murdered Children Support Group give's honer to this woman who worked unstopable up to her last day's trying to find out who killed her son. May God Bless Norna Wickware.
We also want to remember Sandra Wilson a mother of a murdered daughter who was murdered her self Oct.2007. May God Bless You Sandra Wilson.Her story will be told at a later date.

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